Why your website host matters.

Many people look at their host as the least important link in the chain when in reality, your host can make or break your site. Let’s take a look at some of the issues people usually run into. This article contains affiliate links.

1. My site was designed by a professional! Why isn’t it fast???

Your site may have been designed by a professional, but that doesn’t mean it’s fast.

A site can be the most cutting edge, user-friendly site on the web, but if it’s placed on servers that are cheap and shared with 1,000 other websites, a sudden surge in traffic can cause the response times to crumble and ends up providing a terrible user experience.

2. But I pay a monthly subscription! They have to make perfect right??

A lot of times low-cost monthly subscriptions aren’t put in place to make sure that your site is quick. It’s to provide revenue for the company building the site so they can scale. You may be getting a current design, but oftentimes, so are 100 other clients… and their designs are freakishly similar to yours… annnnddd they’re all hosted on the same server along with 20 other companies.

Cheap is never the way to go when it comes to getting a site that is unique to you. Work with a company that will create a unique design that fits the culture of your company.

3. But a custom site is SO expensive. How can anyone afford a custom website?

Custom websites are often thought of as a commodity, not an asset. In other words, business owners may just look at a website as another expense that they ‘have’ to make to run the business, when in reality it can, and most of the time is the most valuable tool they can have. A website can provide leverage that your business desperately needs to grow, scale, or reach the next level.

You can build a tool that can reach ANYONE in the world. That’s not a commodity. That is an ASSET – something that gives your business immense VALUE.

That’s why you should be very picky about who builds your site and where it’s hosted.

WHO builds it

The tech is there to build a site on your own, but most business owners don’t have the time or the know-how to build a fast and user-friendly site that works for them. Sure, you can pay a low monthly fee, get a cookie-cutter site, and host on a relatively fast server, but what makes it stand out?

Find someone that cares about your business and will work with you on a one-on-one basis to create a site that embodies your business. Most likely that individual owns a small business themselves, so they know where you’re coming from and the obstacles you face on a day-to-day basis. Some of the bigger guys on the market are disconnected from the small business mindset.

WHERE it’s hosted

Why place a Ferrari on a bumpy, pot-hole-filled backroad??? You need a pristine, wide-open roadway for that thing to fly. Or at least old servers that don’t share space with a thousand other sites.

Find a host that offers this:

  • No Server Overloading
  • Custom CDN (Content Delivery Network)
  • 24/7 Support
  • Free and Unlimited SSL Certificates
  • Site migration

Well… Is there one? Yes.

WPX won all global speed tested categories
in independent 2021 testing.

WPX Website

I’d recommend WPX. They promise to not overload servers with hosting accounts. That’s the issue that causes site speed problems. They also won all global speed tested categories in independent 2021 testing. When it comes to customer service, they’ve got that nailed down. Of all the companies that I’ve dealt with, not even speaking tech or hosting, but just in general, they have to be the nicest and quickest responding company I’ve ever worked with.

I have sites hosted on WPX and could not be happier with the speed and customer service. Visit WPX’s website today to check out what they can offer your web design or hosting business.

GROW your small business. Get started on a website today!

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